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The EFT team is committed to the idea of a renewable and decentralized energy supply and has found the perfect partner in the uniquely innovative and large-scale enterprise, BYD. The EFT team in North America and Europe is responsible for supporting and representing the Battery-Box products for the manufacturer, BYD. EFT was founded under the motto "Energy for Tomorrow" (EFT) and works very closely with BYD to help deliver the goal of an efficient and resilient distributed grid as well as a greener tomorrow.

EFT is the after-sales service, technical, training and logistics partner of BYD for the BYD Battery-Box and the point of contact for the battery storage in Europe and North America. With a team based on the ground in the US as well as support from team members in Erupe, EFT is able to provide local technical and logistic service for the Battery-Box product and its customers.


BYD Company Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries as well as a leading supplier of electric vehicles. Globally, BYD (Build Your Dreams) is one of the most successful, innovative, and fastest growing companies. BYD was founded in February 1995 in Shenzhen, China, with only 20 workers. Today, BYD employs more than 220,000 people worldwide, including production and sales locations in Europe, America, Japan, India, and many more.

BYD is the first large-scale enterprise involved in the entire energy chain - from generation to storage to consumption to achieve a sustainable energy industry; the BYD Zero Emission Energy Eco-System:

Solar Power Generation
Energy Storage
Lighting Electrified Transportation

More about BYD at:

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The EuPD Research quality seal confirms the trust and satisfaction of European installers with BYD storage solutions such as the Battery-Box series. The award is given exclusively to manufacturers who were able to achieve high customer and partner satisfaction as well as a broad reach.


BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. From electric forklifts to double decker buses in London or the new Skyrail - BYD electrifies all means of transport to create an emission-free ecosystem.