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End Of Life

Even the longest lasting battery will eventually reach its end-of-life. We do not expect any BYD batteries returning anytime soon, and we believe you still have many many years to enjoy your battery; but we would already like to inform you about what will happen, once the battery reaches its end of life.

The end of life is a new start!

With its highest goal – the „Zero-Emission-Eco-System“ – BYD always looks at the complete journey of the Battery. From cradle to grave. Therefore BYD already has the end-of-life in mind upon developing a new battery. This is why the end of life is actually a new start. With a second life or by an effective recycling, the batteries can be fed into a circular economy.

Once your battery reaches its end-of-life, you can contact us at:

Please include:

- All Serialnumbers of your batteries
- Tell us if you need packaging
- The complete pickup address (Name, Street, ZIP, City, Country, Phone, Email)

Take Back Free of Charge

EFT will collect, free of charge upon the consumer's explicit request, any BYD Battery-Box Premium in Europe. The consumer must be able to provide a valid serial number for each module.
In the cases that the consumer is not able to register directly, their installer will request this ´take back´ on their behalf.
EFT will provide a free collection from the location where the batteries were first introduced into the market. Whenever possible, EFT will collect the battery directly from the site where it is installed. If you have any questions please contact

Producer Extended Responsibility 

EFT-Systems GmbH, company registered in Germany, (HRB 15183) has been appointed by BYD Electronics, company registered in China, as producer extended responsibility agent acting on their behalf, as described in the EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC. This agreement covers Industrial Batteries under the brand ´BYD Battery Box Premium´ These are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Further legal information

Here you find information on the EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC: 


Germany stiftung-ear DE 88485017
Italy Batteries ERION ENERGY IT21060P00007095
Switzerland INOBAT 20001065
Netherlands Stibat 41350
Poland ASEKOL  BDO 000547938
France ADEME HRB 15183