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Dear Battery-Box Partner

Firstly, we at BYD would like to thank you for the support that you have shown to both us and the Battery-Box products.
With that said we have taken to heart the needs of our customers and are making some changes to better serve you going forward. 

We are not only ramping up new production facilities to meet and exceed your demand, but we are also launching an exciting new generation of the Battery-Box product: Battery-Box Premium. 

This new product line was conceived with your feedback in mind and with a goal of creating an even more installer-friendly experience. 

We really hope that you and your customers enjoy all the new features the Battery-Box Premium brings.We also understand that whenever exciting changesoccur, there are always questions that come alongwith them, so we‘ve compiled a list of FAQ to helpyou understand how the changes may affect you.

Furthermore, feel free to contact us through ourwebsite or our service partners website EFT, if youhave any additional unanswered questions.

Best regards
BYD & your Battery Box partner EFT-Systems