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1. Why is BYD launching a new generation of products?

At BYD we are committed to the idea of continuous improvement. However, we were aware that, eventually, in order to implement the improvements that the market demands a more significant change would be necessary. In order to support the development of the next generation of energy storage we had to launch a new universal and future-proof design. 

2. How will this affect my projects and customers?

We have designed the Premium family with you and your customers in mind, it covers and widens the range of applications you are used to. To help you redesign your projects please see the Family Replacement Guide 

3. Where can I find the Battery-Box Premium?

Please get in touch with your regular wholesaler. All our distribution partners in Europe have received all the details so you can continue purchasing as usual. 

4. Is it compliant with the same regulations as the current generation?

The Battery-Box Premium is not only compliant with all the same standards as that of the current generation, but we’ve added some additional ones as well. This will allow you to apply to all the same subsidy and support schemes that you have been doing until now, and potentially even more, thanks to the VDE2510. 

5. Is it the same battery type?

Yes, the Battery-Box Premium uses the same safe and efficient LFP chemistry that you are familiar with. 

6. Is it compatible with the same inverters?

Battery Box Premium product will be compatible with the same brands of inverters but please check the Battery-Box Premium and Inverter compatibility lists to confirm specific model compatibility. 

7. Are they compatible with the current generation products (The PRO, LV and HV)?

In order to implement all the features we wanted for the product we’ve had to create a whole new future-proof, universal design. Unfortunately, it made it impossible to make this new generation compatible with the current products. 

8. Will I still be able to expand the capacity of my current PRO, LV or HV system?

Yes, of course, but we will need some help to plan for it. Therefore, we will launch a site where you can register your needs and we will inform you how to proceed. 

9. Will I still get service and warranty coverage for my current generation products?

You will experience no changes from a service, warranty, and technical support standpoint. If you have any issues or queries please get in touch with our service partner EFT as usual.